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    Sales & Acquisitions

    Exclusive Services
    In ILSOFOIR we have a unique approach on sales & acquisitions. We represent exclusively individual investors, investment companies and development ventures who buy or sell properties in Greece. We do not work on a numbers game of introducing anything and everything to buyers and vendors. Once we have found the right property, or the right client or assist you throughout the deal closure utilizing our in-depth experience and our existing professional network.
    We offer
    • Exclusive representation (sales & acquisitions)
    • Deal identification & market research
    • Deal negotiation & closure
    • Document management for public services
    • Notarial & legal services (associate network)
    • After sale services


    Bespoke Real Estate Services


    • One sided representation
    • Legal & notarial services
    • Street wisdom and technical expertise
    • Holistic views on deal closures
    • Marketing material & photo shooting
    • Easy and fast communications
    • Transparency and work ethics
    • 24h response policy on our requests
    Lap Pool House Tinos


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