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    The Story

    ” Life can be capricious, so can you!”

                                                          Sofia Litrivi – Founder & CVO

    Dear All,
    My name is Sofia Litrivi and I am the founder & creator  of ILSOFOIR, presenting intercultural lifestyle destinations carefully selected for you. Within ILSOFOIR, I wanted to put my passions into motion to focus various world heritages through the lifestyle lens.

    Having been born and raised in Hellas (Greece), a place rich with tradition and history, I always saw heritage as an interlink between past and present, culture and humanity, the tangible and intangible. With an insatiable curiosity about different cultures, mindsets, and people in other nations, I decided to create an Intercultural Lifestyle that embraces self-expression, inspiration and empowerment. ILSOFOIR embodies the technique to intersect varying cultures through lifestyle choices.

    In the early stages of my life, I have experienced the transition from rural to urban advancement in Hellas (Greece). I studied the industry and its business both locally and in the UK.  My experience includes a few relocations, a market crash, several pumps and dumps in life, and recently a global pandemic. It has been an incredible journey!

    As a self-taught individual, I developed technical know-how in residential real estate projects and hospitality lifestyle ventures, both in Greece and internationally, driven by the ‘in perpetuity’ search for quality in my life. For over a decade now I have communicated with and negotiated on behalf of clients and colleagues with thousands of different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. I am grateful that my work and life have been holistic to date; I have found myself in scruffy areas and jet set destinations and appreciated all EQUALLY. I always trust the process.

    Beyond the technical, the creative aspects of my work flourished in London, Cyprus, and Turkey. I have travelled across all continents to establish collaborations and communicate with people of alternate mindsets. Where curiosity led me, communication has been always the mean to dissolve borders and obstacles. The transitions that challenged me proved insightful and more than useful after all.

    Luckily, from a young age I was nurtured by an empowered and self-made woman: my mother. She taught me to stand independently in life and root my actions in personal values. For that reason, I hold the empowerment of women as a huge significance to the contribution of bettering societies. Women’s leadership is a reality for me, of which I have experienced the tangible results.

     I achieve success in milestones, not as a rocket trajectory, or in momentary flashes of fireworks. With a genuine love for aesthetics and a curiosity for different cultures that endure even today, I study Arabic language and Mandarin culture to further broaden my thinking and independence. I am quite inspired by contrasts and I can assure you there is no more seductively charming contrast than the point at which West meets East. There, I discovered boundless potential in self-expression, transcending beyond the ‘normal’ lifestyle.

    As I have learned – more so with failures than my successes – learning is a lifelong process and we must surpass our comfort zones to reach our highest selves.


    Dear all life can be capricious and so can you!

    Faithfully Yours,
    Sofia Litrivi
    Founder & CVO, 2021

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