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    The most
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    Dear All, My name is Sofia Litrivi and I am the creator of ILSOFOIR, presenting intercultural lifestyle destinations carefully selected for you. Within ILSOFOIR, I wanted to put my passions into motion to focus various world heritages through the lifestyle lens.

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    Artisan Asset Collections

    FIRST STOP: THE HELLENES ! ILSOFOIR’s exclusive boutique portfolio of Luxury Artisan Assets reflects the Hellenic heritage. The limited luxury collection transcends ordinary asset portfolios. ILSOFOIR’s philosophy believes that exquisite and fine assets are like significant people in one’s life; a few meaningful ones are all that is needed.
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    Intercultural Relations

    ILSOFOIR operates through a globally attuned network of opulent hospitality, mode of living, and communication ventures. Our valued relationships and communication convert creative ideas and unique concepts into custom lifestyles. Our in-house team works as an extension of lifestyle and high-end projects which reflect cultures relevant to their locations.
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    Bespoke Destination Branding

    Our in-house team offers a 360 degree approach to enhance each project’s target market and partnerships, specializing in intercultural clientele of quality lifestyle. We seamlessly blend in with your existing team, to elevate the project potential.
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    Our Impact

    We understand that the need to support and participate in great causes from all over the planet. We would like to focus on the younger generations.


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