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    Return to Life’s Richness in La Granja, Ibiza

    Slowness to Wellness – Part I


    Living in the city, we picture farms with a slow, idyllic life, where the farmer has direct contact with the soil and plants. We imagine the farm family communing with earth, plants, and animals, full of philosophy and wise in what they grow and eat. Their lifestyle is healthy, slow-paced, and natural.

    That’s how it is in La Granja, Ibiza. La Granja welcomes the passage of time as life’s fabric; the cycle of nature is embraced in all its forms, from birth to transformation to decay. This holistic approach epitomizes La Granja, with authenticity in all it does.

    The farm has no big, overwhelming technologies of modern mass production. Instead you’ll find master farmer Andy, cultivators Sara and Oscar, chefs José and Eduardo and many other creative minds. Even the Slowness website  that guides visitors to La Granja calms and invigorates, and by the time you read a few pages, you’ll be ready to go experience this relaxed agro tourism.

    Here the harmony between farm and nature blends everywhere.

    The farm lies in twenty acres of pine and citrus forests, with an 18th century stone farmhouse, and garden patches everywhere. The design of the farmhouse embraces the land’s heritage, honors the rustic life, and modestly dresses itself in elegant earth tones. It has ten bedrooms, with tiles on the floor and shadow tones on the walls to keep them cool. Linens and rugs lend softness, and all the furniture is made from reclaimed wood. The philosophy inside reflects the outside.

    A stay at La Granja is more like a retreat, a welcome relief from the harsh fast paces of the rest of the world. The guests are encouraged to wander around the cultivations and invited to workshops to learn about the growing practices. Sessions of yoga, meditation, and slow-food classes complete the picture. The vision of La Granja is to pass on its farmed knowledge to others; if we get to unwind and eat delicious food at the same time, there’s no better way to learn. More on this fabulous destination is coming soon in Part II!

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